The team at Indigo life proudly support their local Cancer Care charity. With every poster sold there is a donation to the charity. Over 300 euros has been collected so far. Thank you for your support!

Life & Style is a codename for the Indigo team, to stop what they are doing, grab a cup of tea and brainstorm new projects!


Seven years ago Jo wanted to have a poster that was personal to the town of Javea. With a brief sketch of her idea she commissioned Valerie, a local artist, for a series of paintings.

Elements were taken from them and montaged together on the computer for a unique image in a contemporary style. The boat poster was the first one in the Javea Collection.

Then we produced a second and a third, the focus being the famous blue domed church.

They make a great poster collection and are both available in Indigo.

Life & Style

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See how the posters developed from ideas and a sketches, words and cut-outs to the framed finished picture.