Jo is hooked on Greece!


For many years now Jo and Fleur have loved travelling the Mediterranean and have enjoyed discovering the beautiful beaches, its fascinating culture and its many arts and crafts.

We continue to be strongly influenced by its colourful style which 

you no doubt have sensed in our shop. We bring back many unique items and even have some products especially made for us. We are excited to be introducing a new fashion collection from Crete of handmade Indian block print cotton. We look forward to showing it to you next Spring, don't miss out!


The country is so diverse and has so much to offer, from its beautiful coastline to the mountain villages which continue in their local traditions. We particularly admired the Venetian architecture and fell in love with the enchanting harbour of Chania. One of our best days included a trip to the secluded bay of Loutro, which could only be reached by boat!


We continue to be inspired by the Mediterranean and love sharing it with you. 


Spot the best moments

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